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Sales Mantra on Mobile

Technology has made two significant changes in last decade. One - it has minimized location and geography challenges and made the world a global village. Two - it has given the power to remain connected with family, work and literally entire world while in transit.

Sales Mantra makes the most out of the positive changes and presented its clients with Blackberry and Android applications. It empowers the team in transit to run the workplace in palms and stay connected with business wherever you go. Major features of ease and effect are following

  • Ease to add or search new enquiries and fetch relevant information
  • Plan , Maintain and Update daily schedules and task
  • View , Resolve and Close the customer complaint while on move
  • Alerts and Reminders facilitates prompt response to sales calls

Features of Android Apps

  • Search/Add Enquiry- Access to fetch information and add or search new enquiry
  • Plan & Follow - Keep posted on your planned schedule and update
  • Complaint Management:- Access and closure of complaints while on run
  • Alert and Reminders:- Quick response to sales call by getting important alerts & reminders.
  • Instant Allocation - No opportunity waits for allocation. It’s instant!
  • Efficiency Booster - Non selling time wasted in travelling/waiting etc can be utilized effectively.
  • Instant Reporting - Real time information share with the management.
  • Happy Notes – Real time feedback with digital signature for service from Customer.
  • Automated Reports - No time wastage in writing reports separately.

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