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Business Benefits

High performance sales organizations have adopted practices and deployed sales force automation to help them increase sales effectiveness, win rates and drive more revenue. While sales leadership clearly benefits from greater visibility into sales performance, the real value is in driving the knowledge contained in the system down to front-line managers and sales reps, who are in the best position to take action on the information and drive changes.

Benefits to Sales Representative

More Selling Time: Instead of writing various sales reports and/or call sheets, the sales people can spend more time in actual sales process and fill-in their action taken and next plan of action on a user friendly web form to save time.

Information is Crucial: Instead of waiting for paper-based sales-prospect lists, and sales-support information, the representatives have easy access to the information when they need it. This could be useful in the field when answering prospects' queries or handling complaints.

Higher Motivation: The additional tools help improve sales team morale by reducing the amount of record keeping and increased closing rate. This could contribute to a virtual spiral of beneficial and cumulative effects that could in fact alter the culture to an achievement and performance based.

Train Train And Train: It can be used as an effective training device. It provide sales team with product information, make available standard sales document without having them to waste time in looking for the same.

Communicate & Co-operate: Better and transparent communication and co-operation between sales personnel enhances successful team selling.

Benefits to Business / Sales Manager

Automated Results & Insights: The Sales Manager, rather than gathering all the call sheets from various sales people and tabulating the results, will have the results automatically presented in easy to understand tables, charts, or graphs. This saves time for the manager.

Prompt Action: Daily activity reports, information requests, orders booked, and other sales information are sent to the managers instantly, allowing them to respond immediately with desired advice. This gives management more hands-on control of the sales process if they wish to use it.

Analysis: The sales manager can use the system to analyze the raw information using multiple combinations, and can present the results in a user friendly manner. This gives the sales manager information that is more useful in making decisions.

Tracking the productivity: Productivity of the sales force can be tracked by combining a number of performance measures such as, order per sales person, order per region / branch, order by customer segment, order by various sources, product order, number of follow-ups per day, leads generated per day, etc.

Benefits to the Marketing Manager

Identification: Identify target markets, segments, and best prospects in place. Sales Mantra also helps managers understand sales team or product strengths and weaknesses.

Sound Promotional Mix: Supporting the sales function with other parts of the promotional mix (such as email campaigns and SMS campaigns).

Feedback and Customer Satisfaction: Facilitates interface to capture customer feedback and tracking of customer satisfaction index

Strategic Benefits

With sales team more focussed on the sales process, they will use their time more effectively. This increased productivity can create a competitive advantage in many ways, some of which include:

  • Effective Complaint/Service call Allocation: Increase in revenue up to 20%
  • Resource Optimization : 30% efficiency increase
  • Increase in new sale: 22% by increasing ratio of selling time to non-selling time.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction Index: Increase in total revenue up to 20%
  • AMC / Warranty Contract Management: Increase in renewal up to 50%
Easy Information Share: Field sales staff updates and send their information more frequently. Typically information will be sent to management after every sales call (rather than once a week). This provides management with real-time information, which can be used while it is still valuable. Management response time will be greatly reduced. The organization will become more proactive and more agile.

Increased Customer Satisfaction: With the plethora of useful information obtained and analyzed with the system, it can be used to create insightful products that match or exceed customer expectations.

Affordability & Pay Back Period
Sales Mantra is available on demand and requires no hardware or software to buy, install or maintain which helps minimizing the total cost of ownership and training, thereby saving as much as 90% compared to other client-server solutions. Sales Mantra features make it possible for a high success rate in deployment and dispense away with the risks and protracted deployment.

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