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Logistics Mantra

Logistic companies have a distinct nature of extreme competition and very minor margin of error. It is very important to have on the toes, vigilant sales team to keep working on new leads and retain existing customer with complete satisfaction. Logistic Mantra is a boon for the sales team as it helps better coordination among the sales team and maintaining centralized database of customer for better service.

The salient features of the system are

  • Centralized database accessible from anywhere anytime
  • 360 view of the data and leads
  • Auto generated real-time reports
  • Quotation Analysis Air, Ocean, Surface-wise
  • Quotation Analysis for Export and Import
  • Reports as per origin and destination
  • Systematic way to track business activity effectively
  • Understand the actual and potential value of customers
  • Optimize business workflows.

Key Features

Enquiry Management

Logistic Industry is very focussed on working on every enquiry and lead. System helps in a big way by enabling the user to manage enquiries and store their corresponding contact details under various categorisations.

Quotation Management

System allows the users a unique distinction of not only managing quotations but also analyse them based on mode of transport i.e. Air, Ocean or Surface. It also lets the user segregate quotations and analyse them as per nature of transit i.e. Import and Export.

Centralized repository

When multiple executives and teams work in coordination from same or different locations, it becomes a boon to have centralised data repository. Logistic Mantra provides access to marketing data: location wise, product wise, industry/ segment wise, regional / branch wise as well as for specific individual. This enables smooth coordination and informed decision making.

Order Management

No detail needs to be ignored while handling quotations and converting them to orders as it leads to doubt in operations and a weaker brand value. Order Management allows users to record significant data, create quotations at ease and convert to order with detailed specifications. It also converts quotation in order with different country charges

Time Management

No time and efforts are required to be spent by the sales team in preparation of regular review papers resulting in Increasing ratio of selling time to non-selling time

Real Time Reports

The employee wise, team wise, branch wise etc performance vis a vis targets is available online and meaningful discussion is possible with each sales representative. The evaluation becomes very simple.

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