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Sales Mantra functions to streamline all the sales tasks in a fashion that speaks of efficiency and effectiveness. It helps to organize the data centrally which makes it possible for sales representatives to access to database while working in the field .It provides greater monitoring potential so that executives can be monitored throughout the country or globally and reduce the chances of deviation of commitments made to clients. It is an essential tool to track down competitors and reduce redundant tasks.

The salient features are

  • Clients information with various filters like category, location, products etc..
  • Daily plan and follow up
  • Expense entry
  • Sales pipeline
  • Employee performance
  • Order forecasting

Key Features

Database Management:

Create a centralized depository of the data for schools, institutions, teachers, professors, agents, shop keepers etc. as per your needs and have all the information stored in one place. Filter out the information you don’t need and get insights from the data.

Sales Team Planning:

Effective sales team planning and monitoring is the key to success for revenue. The system allows executives to create their own daily activity plan or schedule visits. The managers can allocate important tasks to be performed and closely monitor the proceedings.

Maintain Records:

Executives record all the tasks performed by them on particular call which create a well define history of clients and events in particular. This allows freedom from individual dependencies and a very transparent operation.

Expense Management:

A user friendly interface to record the daily expenses is a smart tool to avoid lapses. Employee can key in their daily expenses and follow up side by side with inter-team coordination ability.


The performance reports for employees, teams, and branches are made available online and meaningful discussion is possible with each sales representative. The evaluation becomes very simple. Moreover, no time and effort needs to be wasted by the sales team in preparing regular review papers as they are auto generated by the system. This enhances the ratio of time spent in selling activities to the time spent on non-selling time.

Effective Team Collaboration:

Better and transparent communication between sales personnel enhances successful team selling.

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