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Sales Mantra incorporates a comprehensive sales force automation tool that helps in increasing the productivity and efficiency of the sales force with the use of real time information. It gives a 360 degree view of every prospective client complete with previous interests and preferences.

Set Your Targets

Managers can set targets for executives & products; based on which detailed performance MIS for executives is updated online. Sales Mantra also provides an in-built mechanism to define targets for the employee, region, product, as well as for the organization! The sales call tracking automatically updates achievements against the targets and are available at a glance.

Keep Up With Appointments

Users can track tasks and activities, schedule meetings, assign tasks to other users, and maintain a historical record of all activities (complete and pending) related to an opportunity. The pending tasks & commitments remain available for sales follow-up with contact details & objectives.


The system generates alerts for various important tasks. It makes sure a team member is always notified and kept in the loop so that no opportunity is missed. For example, the users can be alerted when sales calls are closed or a feedback is given by a manager or when new prospects are identified.

Central Depository

Sales Mantra has a central depository of sales documents that are commonly required by the sale representatives. This ensures use of standardized documents across the organization and reduces error at all levels. The central depository also maintains complete sales history even for closed calls for any future reference, use, or action.

Improve with Smart Reports

Sales Mantra is equipped with a strong Management Information System and data-mining tools that provide real-time information about your pipeline, progress to quota, key opportunity and account activity, and representative performance. Some of these reports include Sales Calls Generated, Neglected Calls, Sales Projections, Sales Funnel, Reports, Order Lost Reports and many more.

Data Backup

Keeping data secure and backed up is crucial for any organization. On Sales Mantra, the data is mirrored online, backed up in tapes once every week. Customer may keep backup of data in CSV, Excel, PostgreSQL & XML Formats for easy access.

Keeping Data Secure

In modern business data is one of the moost prized possessions.Sales Mantra has data security in top priority and it provides with highly effective security checks at various levels to ensure data protection from internal and external threats. The security essentially has been covered as follows:

  • Application employs an encrypted hypertext transmission protocol using secure socket layer technology (https), besides providing tiered access to data.
  • The firewall perimeter defences include access routers, firewalls, switches and intrusion monitoring tools at network level.
  • The server and session security includes operating system protection (hardened operating system), application tampering monitoring tools, assurance and verification and server-level intrusion monitoring tools.


Drafting and sharing quotations is one of the most important and time consuming effort of the sales cycle. Sales Mantra allows the sales team manage templates, edit quotes and send quotations at a click.

Beat The Competition

To beat the competition every time, sales representatives need comparative information at hand. Sales Mantra provides feature wise / price wise comparison, updatable as and when required. With the mobile app feature, the sales force can remain up-to-date with current and relevant information about the competition.

Time Management

Sales team can manage their time and efforts more effectively with all these features on Sales Mantra. An effective reporting system allows a transparent access to management about individual team member activities across a selected duration

Inventory Management

Over and under inventory is abusiness challenge which cannot be minutely scaled if we dont have an instant access to order vs inventory status. Sales Mantra's inventory management module works wonders as it provides detailed status on each finished goods item vis a vis orders in hand.

Sales Vs Collection

Timely revenue collection across materialised sales becomes a challenge and a bone of contention between on ground sales team and accounts people. With Sales Mantra following up on your debtors for bills receivables is made easier with detailed follow up reports on invoices and orders.

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