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Lead Generation

When Every Lead Counts...
Sales Mantra gives you the opportunity to optimize your lead generation process by creating genuine leads that have higher conversion Probability. By automating tasks, managing & categorizing contacts (as per location, industry or source) and sending out regular product information to existing and prospective customers, Sales Mantra makes the lead generation procedure highly focussed.

Contact management

Capture leads easily on Sales Mantra and store their contact information categorically (segment, source or location wise). The information can also be categorized as per account managers or executives for responsible account management.

Statistics That Count

Sales Mantra provides users with a comprehensive view of all the sales activities, along with customer mapping to products or services to reveal preferences. Know where every prospect is in the sales cycle, deal size, contact history, to help craft an effective message.

Stay Connected

Carry your success mantra wherever you go. With the Sales Mantra mobile app for Blackberry and Android, sales representatives will have access to real time information on the go. So whether it is customer information, quotation submission on the go or customer feedback, a sales representative will be armed with just a phone.

Targeting the Right Segment

It is very important to reach out the right user audience. The contact classification features allows business managers the freedom to focus on a particular target audience classified on the basis of geography or business domain.

High Impact Emails

The success of any conversation largely depends on how it is started. Sales Mantra empowers the lead generation representatives with personalized, high-impact email messages to prospects in large numbers.

Send it Across the Network

Distribute information to a wide range of specific and potential customers at a very low cost. A user can easily track the number of prospects who have viewed the message, have bounced back the emails, or have un-subscribed. The additional ability to send bulk SMS’s is an effective way to reach out to potential and current customers.

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