why sales mantra

Why Sales Mantra

Any software or service is a successful help, only if it caters to being simple to use, effective in results, highly accessible, objective and is supported well in crisis. Sales Mantra delivers on all these accounts and also provides insig.

  • Sales potential increases by 10 times with same workforce
  • 24x7 accessibility via Mobile, Tablet, Laptop or PC
  • Analytical business reports to provide 360 view
  • Ensure highest level of user experience
  • Software pays for itself
  • Excellent after sales support
  • Highest level of customer satisfaction
  • Large Customer Base and Credentials

Sales Mantra is a ONE Stop Solution as

  • It preserves the Complete Contact & Follow up History to avoid revenue loss due to employee attrition.
  • Its Sales Projection & Sales Funnel Reports forecast accurately to avoid unnecessary inventory.
  • Its Alerts and Reminders prompts timely follow ups to avoid losing sales opportunities.
  • It provides most accurate AMC Profitability Report to avoid increase service cost.

Dear Sir,
Greeting Of the Day !

How will you like to receive complete business summary reports updated upto that moment giving minute details about all business activities?
Presenting following 9 reports, which your secretary can print from the system at 9:00 AM, Enabling you to direct your business with complete and most accurate information...

Business Challenges

Our Solution

High turnover of sales people: Loss of sales opportunities if Sales Rep quits his job
Update record of each & every sales opportunity with status of each call allows convenient switch of responsibilities to someone else to take them forward. No data missed ... no money lost.
No of days spent by a sales recruit to get into the sales process
Sales Representative could get into the sales process on day ONE
No standard approach to prospects and sales data maintenance across various teams, divisions and locations
Standard processes and format across organization to approach prospects and maintain sales data. Data is maintained centrally for easy accessibility.
Focused and effective management of valuable leads to analyze : Lead to order conversions/ failure
Record conversion of lead into sales call and tracks their position in the sale. Alerts/ feedback features facilitates faster decision making /closure of deals. Enables the management to analyze the whole sales process : Suspect -> Prospect -> Follow-up -> Quotation -> Order -> Post Sales Support
Sales Reports are not up-to-date : Unable to analyze the sales data as quantum of data is huge and enormous time and efforts is required in compilation and preparation of regular review papers in excel
Real time reporting system: Employee performance can be maintained on day to day, weekly, monthly or yearly on a click. Real time reports are generated to analyze product & employee performance
Facing difficulties in monitoring and reviewing day-to-day sales service activities
Creates and manages daily schedule of sales representatives activities with alerts for pending work

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