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Automotive Mantra helps organizations in reducing the cycle time for information gathering and processing time, so that corrective actions can be taken with immediate effect. Adequate support to business development process further helps to escalate growth rate by acquiring new customers.

  • Relevant data for sales team on field
  • Real time reporting to manage all branches
  • Get report and send to OEM
  • Analysis sales projection with sales pipeline
  • Two way communication
  • Alerts and reminder
  • Avoid chance to miss Enquiry, AMC, Preventive maintenance
  • Service reminders

Key Features

Lead Management:

It is a complete lead management portal to assist the sales team in generating and managing leads. All the information is stored and updated on the system so that latest status for each prospect is available on demand. The system also facilitates segregation of the leads as per OEM or product for detailed analysis.

Centralized Database:

The Central repository carries all the enquiries, client and product information and other details in a single place which can give out filtered information as per need. There is no chance to miss on any information and risk business opportunity.

Order Management

Order management is one of the salient functions of the system. It manages the quotation and order process and provides complete history and reports for a smooth functioning. Simply error free business!

Preventive Maintenance:

A system is considered intelligent and adds value to the operation if it is proactive in function. Automotive Mantra generates reminders and alerts with the preventive maintenance. The system also generates auto reminders on every AMC due, pending and received.

Effective Complaint Management:

An effective complaint management system not only creates a satisfied customer base but a strong brand value as well. The system manages and allocates the complaints accurately as per the required skill sets & location for timely actions on complaints.

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