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Hospitality Industry

Hospitality business is all about the customers and it is not possible to run it successfully without completely and consistently knowing the customer. Sales Mantra brings a refreshingly customer-oriented approach to businesses which help in improving co-ordination and communication between sales and marketing departments, automates customer service practices, gathers key information about customers and opportunities, and manage this information in a centralized database.

The highlighting features of the system are

  • Manage Client Portfolio
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction - Increased Sales
  • No missed enquiries thereby increase in sales
  • Sales team's Activity- Schedule Planner (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
  • Check availability of room or banquet on single click
  • Analytical Reports for 360 view

Key Features

Enquiry / Key Account Management:

Hotel Industry thrives on the fact that they manage full house for the maximum number of times in a business season. It cannot afford to lose a single enquiry as it is a direct probable loss of business which cannot be recuperated later. The system manages enquiries with utmost details as per rooms and banquet halls along with customer to keep the business buzzing.

Sales Team Daily Call Report:

Daily Roaster and planning are key to the hotel operation as it is catering to a huge number of varied clientele regularly. The sales team is also upbeat and on toes most of the times. It needs proper scheduling and monitoring for best results. Hospitality Mantra auto generates the daily sales call report of sales team with complete and detailed follow up.

Centralized Repository:

Hospitality Mantra manages data centrally and facilitates efficient segregation of marketing data. It provides for easy classification of prospects, managing client portfolio, availability of rooms and banquet halls in the hotel.

Effective Team Collaboration:

Sharing the information of key customers among the team members at different locations becomes easy with Hospitality Mantra. This efficiency could mean all the difference between a sales deal or nothing!

Real Time Reports:

The system can generate real time reports employee wise, team wise, branch wise etc. to assess their performance vis a vis targets. The evaluation becomes very simple.

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