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The sales process particularly for technical products usually follows a long gestation period. The prospects are gradually developed by responding to the queries and sorting out the issues. Engineering Mantra tracks each development methodically till the order is closed. It provides effective management of sales and service teams by close monitoring. It further helps them to optimize their efficiency with improved prospect handling so that there are increased chances for the lead closure.

The important assets of the system are

  • Effective Enquiry tracking
  • No loss of revenue with attrition in sales force
  • Enquiry Source Analysis
  • Standardized approach to a prospect across different divisions or sales teams
  • Centralized data for cross departmental access
  • Resource Optimization : 30% efficiency increase

Key Features

Enquiry/Contact Management:

Effective enquiry tracking is an important feature of the system with updated status on every step. The system keeps the latest status for each prospect and is available on demand.

Centralized Database:

The Central repository carries all the enquiries, client and product information and other details in a single place which can give out filtered information as per need. There is no chance to miss on any information and risk business opportunity.

Customer History:

The prospect's complete history is available within the system. So if a customer is taking an unusually long time to place the order, a corrective action can be taken to renew the deal.

Centralized Repository:

The latest price list / product specification and other commercial details are available to the sales representatives in the central library of the system. It avoids any delay, confusion or chaos in a business deal.

On-time Reminders:

Get on-time reminders for timely actions as every operation has a risk of losing on a few important tasks or deadlines in the hustle bustle of day to day activities. The system generates alerts and reminders for predetermined events and activities so that tasks are completed on time.

Reduce Non-Productive Time:

Instead of writing various sales reports and call sheets, sales people can fill-in their action taken and next plan of action on a user friendly form. This further eliminates the need of printing voluminous reports and sending them to the sales manager.

Effective Team Collaboration:

With all the features of Engineering Mantra, a better and transparent communication is encouraged between the sales personnel that enhance co-operation and successful team selling.

Effective Complaint Management:

Complaints are the biggest dents in the organisations image if they aare not handled properly. With Engineering Mantra the complaints can be assigned to team members with the required skill sets and as per the location that results in timely completion of complaints.

MIS Reports:

Detailed and precise reports are available to help you make informed decisions. For example, the performance report (employee wise, team wise, and branch wise) is available and meaningful discussion is possible with each sales representative. The evaluation becomes very simple and effective.

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