Chemical Industry

As Chemical Industry is very volatile and dynamic industry, we need to build competitiveness to path our way, SALES MANTRA helps the bulk chemical manufacturers/suppliers or speciality chemical suppliers to align the sales process in a better way. SALES MANTRA helps to project and track the potential buyers. SALES MANTRA act as catalyst for Chemical companies to speed up the sales activities and tracking your regular customers for better service and timely order delivery. Customer can easily segregate into different industry segments to penetrate in right direction. CRM helps to add value to your present sales skill and improve the sales and service process to retain your existing clients.

Benefit after Industrial Automation Products

  • Helps to differentiate between general inquires and potential buyers
  • Track out the missed opportunities
  • Maintain concrete history of regular customers and repeat orders
  • Help to maintain your inventory, to deliver products on time
  • Get your payment on time by maintain payment plan

Key Features

Effective Complaint Management

Allocate the complaints as per the required skill sets & location resulting in timely completion of complaints

Quotation and Order Management

CRM allows the users a unique distinction of not only managing quotations but also filter them based on type of institute. It also helps manage your quotation and order with complete history and filter report with OEM wise

Time Management

No time and efforts are required to be spent by the sales team in preparation of regular review papers resulting in Increasing ratio of selling time to non-selling time

MIS Reports

The employee wise, team wise, branch wise etc performance vis a vis targets is available online and meaningful discussion is possible with each sales representative. The evaluation becomes very simple.

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