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Q 1. How many user accounts does SALES MANTRA support?
There is no limit to number of user licenses or accounts in SALES MANTRA. You may buy as many as you need. However, too many concurrent users may generate high load on your internet pipe..

Q 2. What are the limitations of SALES MANTRA?
There are no hard limitations that we are aware of. The software performs well to the physical limits of the hardware and Internet connection speed.

Q 3. For How long has SALES MANTRA been tested?
The first version was released in Jan 2002, and was in use since April, 2002 at some companies. Subsequent versions include number of improvements in speed, stability, and functionality.

Q 4. Can I implement it in Modular Manner?
Yes of-course, any one or more of the two modules comprising SALES MANTRA can be purchased and implemented.

Q 5. Do you offer free upgrades with your product?
Certainly you get free upgrades of the software for the modules purchased by you and it gets automatically updated on your SALES MANTRA community.

Q 6. What are the software & hardware requirements for SALES MANTRA?
SALES MANTRA is ready-to-use and needs no application to be installed or maintained at the user's machines. All you need is an Internet connection and a browser.

Q 7. What is an ASP Model in context to SALES MANTRA?
SALES MANTRA is made available to you on ASP model, whereby you do not have to worry about hardware and software deployment and you will have the application available for usage on web. In this model we take care of the server administration, application maintenance at our end and you enjoy the features of SALES MANTRA online by just subscribing for the same.

Q 8. How will you ensure my data security?
FSL Software Technologies Ltd has provided adequate security checks at various levels to ensure that customer data is comprehensively protected from internal and external threats. We are sure you will agree that we cannot make public our security policy, practices and procedures but from a customer standpoint, the security essentially has been covered as follows:

Hypertext Transmission Protocol

Sales Mantra

Application employs an encrypted hypertext transmission protocol using secure socket layer technology (https). This ensures the authenticity, integrity and confidentiality of customer records during transmission.

The firewall perimeter defenses include access routers, firewalls, switches and intrusion monitoring tools at network level.

The server and session security includes operating system protection (hardened operating system), application tampering monitoring tools, assurance and verification and server-level intrusion monitoring tools.

The application layer security provides tiered access to data.

Q 9. How can I judge whether or not my team requires SALES MANTRA?
Sales Mantra is effective for all kinds of business organizations where a sales cycle is involved and sales requires follow-ups. However, you can sign up for our trial version or call our expert before making a purchase decision. .

Q 10. How much time is required to implement SALES MANTRA?
SALES MANTRA is ready-to-use and can be deployed within 48 hours of sign up.

Q 11. Do we need any kind of training before using SALES MANTRA?
SALES MANTRA is by far one of the simplest and user friendly sales force automation system available in the market place today. It requires minimal training and further user gets acclimatized soon using its online help.

Q 12. If I start using SALES MANTRA today, how do I migrate, my existing sales data into this new platform?
SALES MANTRA offers several user friendly (MS Excel/ CSV file) import mechanisms to upload all our existing data into the software needing minimum time and effort. Refer to our user manual for instructions about how to use these.

Q 13.What should be the minimum size of my sales team to make best use of SALES MANTRA?
Benefits of SALES MANTRA is not dependant on the team size rather one can attain / derive desired results/ benefits even with a team of less than five sales executives.

Q 14. How do I register myself to start using SALES MANTRA?
Just dial +91-120-2534066-68 and ask for Sales Mantra expert or send your request at

Q 15. What are the key benefits of SALES MANTRA?
There are tremendous tangible and intangible benefits of SALES MANTRA. The application is made with a focus to support and ensure that your sales team and service engineers can deliver a better customer experience, as you desire for your company. Our analysis reflects that the savings, which can be achieved by using this software, shall be more than 10 times the cost besides setting up well-defined processes. (Please refer to the "Business Benefits" section for more details.)

Q 16. Do all of my employees have access to the SALES MANTRA
No, all of your employees do not have access to the application unless you give them access and permission to use the system. Each user would be provided with unique Username and Password through which he/she can log into the system. If an employee does not have a password assigned, then he or she cannot access the application.

Q 17. Are there additional security levels within SALES MANTRA
Yes there are security features in Sales Mantra software. You can assign permissions to each modules, features and reports.

Q 18. Which database is used as a backend with SALES MANTRA
Sales Mantra uses Postgre SQL as the default database.

Q 19. How can I contact your customer service representative?
You can contact our customer service representative at or can register your complaint online at or by clicking on Support link at the bottom of the Home Page.

Q 20. I have some suggestions and feedbacks, how can I submit these?
To make SALES MANTRA more comprehensive and effective, your valuable suggestions and feedbacks are welcome. You can submit you suggestions and feedback at or by clicking on Feedback link on the top right hand corner of the Home Page.

Q 21. SALES MANTRA is developed on which programming language?
Sales Mantra is written in J2EE.

Q 22. What web server does SALES MANTRA use?
Sales Mantra uses Jakarta Tomcat (Web Server) and Apache (Web Server / Redirector)
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