CRM for Service Industry

Service Mantra

The words ‘differentiation’ and ‘market leadership’ cannot be said without ‘service’ and so Service Mantra focuses on making it possible to deliver great customer service. It facilitates maximum capture of information about customers and provides this information to the marketing and sales department so that they can offer products and services and continue to maintain successful relationships.

The striking benefits of Service mantra are

  • Access to follow up report of tele-caller
  • Access to sales team member daily charter
  • Alert & Reminders
  • Enquiry Management
  • Effective Team Collaboration
  • Analytical reports for 360 view

Key Features

Contact Management:

A complete and comprehensive contact management system on a single place. The allocation to the sales team can be made right here, so that there is little wastage of time.

Day to Day Planning:

A pre-planned day schedule can be saved in the system so that the sales team have clarity on the important tasks planned out for them. This may include pre-determined visits, phone calls to be made, emails to be sent and some other activities.

Auto Generated Sales Report:

The system auto generates report of follow-up and sales activity so that the sales team has more time to focus on sales rather than making reports resulting in increased ratio of selling time to non-selling time.

Complaint Management:

Maintain complaint register for allocated complaint and always keep ahead by checking the status. In this way, senior management can always remain in touch with the complaint handling and servicing part of their product and continuously strive to improve the process. Also, in case a team member is not correctly responding to a complaint, the defaulter can be found immediately and corrective actions taken.

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