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In the world of cut-throat competition, it is the services of a product that differentiates it from the clutter. Sales Mantra helps you build a culture of service by inculcating various features that make service management easy and effective.

Complaint Management

Complaints if left unattended or delayed in reponse, affects the brand value of an organization negatively. Sales Mantra facilitates effective complaint management by allocating the complaints categorically (as per the required skill sets & location). This leads to timely response of complaints thereby reducing the turnaround time and minimizing the chances of repeat complaints. Customer satisfaction raises many fold and the brand shines.

Advance Day Planner

Sales Mantra keeps a tab on a host of information like services due to customers, payment realization, civil work inspection, follow up visits, preventive commitments made, relational calls etc. that helps Service Engineer plan their day effectively. This planning saves time and effort on the part of the team and organization.

Skill Level Assessment

Assess your team with this special functionality. The system throws out data about the number of complaint handled by an engineer in a given time frame and the average time involved in the resolution of the same. Highlights training and skill enhancement requirements of the service engineer, resulting in skill set development and ensures employee retention.

Service Contracts

Sales Mantra provides data for all the service contracts and generates reports for AMC due, AMC not renewed, and AMC received that can be categorized as per region, customer, employee, and product.

AMC Performance

Check the AMC status in just a single click to save time. Sales Mantra also gives information about the potential AMC from a particular region, particular branch etc. Saves time involved in deriving the areas potential and setting targets for respective region, branch or service engineer. A single, comprehensive report gives the areas potential for AMC thus enabling optimal target settings.

AMC Order vs. Cost

Real-time analysis and diagnostic capabilities for each region, branch and for each customer and its product is available through Sales Mantra. This shows the analysis of AMC value received, the number of days committed, days left to serve, number of complaints handled as of date and cost incurred. This single report gives you a complete analysis on each AMC contract and lets you see its profitability. The report indicates the actual service cost against AMC revenue thus creating a rational ground for increase in AMC charges and also indicates areas of improvement enabling reduction in service cost.

Spares Analysis

The report analyses the total number of spares changed in a given time with a break up for its service condition (under warranty, under AMC or paid). It further bifurcates the spares for company provided and open market. This report provides a view on whether the engineers are promoting company provided spares or encouraging open market product.

Preventive Maintenance

Provides a regular update on tasks related to preventive maintenance and keeps a record of commitment made, commitments pending under warranty, under AMC and other heads, etc. for a particular period, region, branch, customer, or for a service engineer.

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