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Any software or CRM solution works wonders only if it takes care of the challenges and pain points of the business operation and let the sales and revenue graph tower up. The ascendancy is when the management has instant access to analytical business reports and data to keep a tab on the pulse of the operation. The biggest value addition is when the software is not confined to desks or floors but follows every team member on the GO.

Sales Mantra fits the bill to perfection. It works wonders in major aspects of:

  • Lead Generation : Managing leads is easy as it works for creating best sales leads in minutes from anywhere. It keeps you connected to the high priority prospects in a faster and smarter way.

  • Sales Force Automation : Our available tools turns your sales team more productive then ever

  • Service Management : We assist in viewing customer balance with customizable customer experience ,thus closing more deals in less time.

  • Project Management : One can get an in-depth look into their customers needs & wants as all the data is tracked & captured in an orderly basis.

  • Leave Management : The software provides a complete separate module for Leave Management. In other words, it gives a facility to the user to mark attendance,( in as well as out) for all their sales personal even if they are not coming to office. Based on such attendance and the holidays, it (sales mantra) makes complete record of the leaves of the employee including the balance leaves in hand, month by month as well as cumulative , as per the policy of the company. It helps the user as well as the management knowing the leave status of the concerned employee besides helping in preparation of salary.
  • This module can be updated through mobile phones (android) also.

    Besides, the facility of marking the attendance, computation of leaves, this module also provides the facility of check-in and check-out for the meetings thereby giving the complete details of the various meetings done by any sales person and the time duration of such meeting. Since this feature is mobile (android) enable, it helps in documenting the various meetings with complete ease. While on this, it is important to note that while marking the attendance or giving the check-in / check-out feature, the software, besides time also provides for the location.

  • Business Potential from existing customer : It has been realized that existing customers can provide many fold opportunities for increasing the business in the form of- a) Add on sales b) Cross sales c) References .
  • Hence, this module helps in creating new sales call for existing customers for up-sales, cross sales or obtaining references.

    By using this features, we expect that the company sales can go up 20 to 30 % atleast.

  • Market Research: Under this module, a facility has been provided to insert the data of all existing customers as well as prospective customers for whom sales call has been created , to document the future potential of the customers/prospective customers in terms of their total demand. This helps the user to understand whether they are getting the appropriate market share from their customers/prospective customers or not. This will also help the users to focus on high potential customers/prospects.

  • Library Management: In Library Management, various important information like mailers, presentations, price list, etc, can be kept in a structured way so that they can easily retrieved. The important information can be shared in the library defining the category, sub-category and finally the file. In the present time of work from home this is an important feature.By this feature,the data/information can be stored in the Library of the sales mantra and the same will be available to any and all (subject to rights) 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and that too from anywhere.

  • Advance Weekly Planner: Under this module, all pending sales call are re-grouped and can be allocated to different sales person along with their cost estimates. This feature is very important for companies where sales employees travel out station a lot. Thus through this feature, spending on the travel schedule of a specific employee for the week can be ascertained and considering the costs, the sales call could be allocated and sales and productivity can be enhanced while reducing the costs.

  • Business Intelligence Report: Under this module, various information which is being captured by the software (sales Mantra) is grouped in a structured way providing various hierarchy or permutation and combinations. Such information can be seen by the user as well as the management with lot of business Intelligence. Some of the major Business Intelligence reports provided by Sales Mantra are: Employee performance report, Meeting analysis report, Lead analysis report, Order Time cycle analysis, Funnel ageing report, Proposal Analysis report etc.

The reporting system is perfect with detailed analysis parameters and Sales Mantra CRM Software follows you everywhere in your palm. The win rates insight sales can be more productive, ultimately increasing the scale of conversions. Its intelligent alerts manage all tasks efficiently helping connect to your customers in an all new way. The mobile application of Sales Mantra lets every team member remain connected and coordinate better. Explore the plethora of features and get amazed!
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