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Making Project Management Easy...
Small tasks make up a project and inefficiency in them leads to delay and loss. Sales Mantra incorporates a number of features that helps project managers in making the overall process effective, efficient and timely.


Sales Mantra provides for an easy breakdown of the project into comprehensible task units. While initializing the project, the manager can define tasks and allocate time for their completion. Also, the project manager can keep regular track and vigil over these tasks to ensure that its timely completion.


Once the tasks are defined, activities are used for a detailed breakdown of the project. The activities help in smooth completion of the project by defining every minute work involved in the project. As a result, a clear and well defined structure is developed that helps in minimizing the need of corrective actions, thereby minimizing the additional costs. Users can define different stages in project like Civil Work, Installation, and Commissioning & Training etc.

Efficient Customer Interaction

Let your customers see and remain updated about the progress of the project. They can get information about the project and can contribute with their suggestions and inputs. The process is a great way for customer interaction and helps in improving the whole customer experience.

Automate the Routine

Routine repeat jobs are important to the operation but consume both time and effort. Sales Mantra allows users to automate the routine tasks and can get alerts for various tasks on different stages of the project.

Approval/Decline Flow

The system facilitates a multi-level approval/decline procedure for the plans and other tasks prepared by junior engineers. It gives a chance to senior managers to check whether the road map prepared to complete a sub-activity will eventually result in the achievement of ultimate goal or not. If needed, the changes can be made with easy functionality to align all the tasks. All the roles and responsibilities are defined clearly with the help of this application, taking work load of an engineer in prior consideration. Therefore, none of the personnel gets overloaded and the organization as a whole maintains its productivity.

Actual Time vs. Budgeted Time

Time slipage is a challenge in efficient projetc management. System allows keeping a close tab on the actual time taken versus budgeted time. It helps in efficiency evaluation for a task and overall project at any given point of time. This flexibility lets the managers re-assess, plan and take corrective action in time .

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