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Sales Challenges

Challenges & Problems
Solution- Sales Mantra CRM
Is it difficult to track your employee’s daily activities?
Provide daily activities and follow up reports
Do you feel the urge to get a place where you can find all the important documents at one click?
Provide central library to access imp information & data
Do you require knowing how much target had your employees achieved?
Provide target Vs. achievement Reports automatically
Are you worried about Neglected Sales Calls?
Provide Funnel Ageing Report
Do you want to know on which leads your employees has worked?
Provide the Employee wise leads report automatically
Do you also feel that your customer’s feedback is important?
Help you understand the customers with complete insights
Do you think making BI-Reports manually is a long time taking process?
Provide the complete auto generated reports
Do you miss sometime important meetings mails etc?
Provides timely alerts which keep you on the toe
Do you wish to know how much exact the financial potential your client have?
Help in knowing the exact financial worth of the existing clients.
Do you wish to know how many feedbacks have not been answered?
Help to know the clients/prospects which are being neglected from some time.
Do you wish to track your field sales people?
Attendance and Check-In & Check-Out feature

Service Challenges

Challenges & Problems
Solution- Sales Mantra CRM
Do you feel challenges while registering any complaints?
Easy registering and checking the complaints over the CRM portal and website
Do you wish to check the pending tasks, installations etc?
Easy to check and monitor the pending tasks related to after-sales
Do you wish to check how many complaints have not been answered?
Conveniently check the pending complaints to get the work done.
Knows the status of the on-boarded clients a tough task?
Provides a facility to check the status of any on-boarded clients with a click to be on toes.
Do you wish to know how many complaints you have gotten and the status?
Easily check the monthly complaints you got with the status.
Do you sometimes forget the due time of the AMC ?
Check the AMC status and know when they are due.
Do you wish to plan PM and set activities?
Check and Plan the visit(s) and take preventive actions.
Spare Tracking Analysis
Track the spare parts tracking and know the status.
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